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PS2010 Spectrocolorimeter

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"Fat girl" is the nickname of PS20 series domestic color spectrometer. It is serious about color measurement and high user satisfaction.

PS2010 "Fat girl" spectrocolorimeter is 3nh developed by CMOS dual-channel spectrocolorimeter sensor, which is not only a colorimeter, but also a spectrocolorimeter, with excellent repeatability and the inner-instrument error. The measurement data is stable, accurate and reliable. with a comfortable and round appearance more people love it. It also has quality management software facilitate quality monitoring and data management.


PS2010 spectrocolorimeter is equipped with single aperture:Φ8mm flat, widely used for plastic electronics, paint ink, textile and garment printing, printing, ceramics and other industries color difference quality control.


Technical Advantages

1、 Adopt D/8 optical structure and SCI/SCE mode.

PS2010 spectrocolorimeter adopts D/8(diffused illumination, 8-degree viewing angle) which is widely applicable in the world, and SCI/SCE (specular component included/specular component excluded) Synthesis technology. It is suitable for color management and quality control in various industries such as color matching and coating, textile, plastic, food, building materials, cosmetics, etc.

Adopt d/8 optical structure and sci/sce mode.

2、Adopt full waveband balanced LED light source

The 400~700nm full waveband balanced LED light source ensures sufficient spectral distribution in the visible light range, avoids the spectral loss of white LED in specific waveband, Fluorescent materials can also be easily measured and ensures the measurement speed and accuracy of the measurement results.

Adopt full waveband balanced led light source

3、CMOS dual beam splitting sensor

High speed and high sensitivity CMOS dual beam splitter sensor makes color data processing more efficient and accurate.

CMOS dual beam splitting sensor

4、Contact automatic whiteboard calibration

The spectrocolorimeter PS2010 is equipped with an intelligent calibration base. Contact automatic whiteboard calibration is available, professional standard whiteboard reflectivity R%≥95%, good surface uniformity. It has high stability and can obtain repeated and accurate data.

Contact automatic whiteboard calibration

5、 Multiple color measurement spaces, multiple illumination source

The spectrocolorimeter PS2010 support CIE LAB,XYZ,Yxy, LCh, CIE LUV,S- RGB, βxy, DIN Lab99 Color space and D65, A, C, D50, D55, D75, F1, F2(CWF) ,F3, F4 F5, F6, F7(DLF), F8, F9, F10(TPL5), F11(TL84), F12(TL83/U30), U35, NBF, ID50, ID65 multiple illumination source, Meet different measurement requirements.

Multiple color measurement spaces, multiple illumination source

6、Ergonomic design and easy measurement

The fitted palm is suitable for continuous detection, which makes you fast and easy to use. An easy to measure device for automatic measurement is added. Which is portable, fast, easy to measure and use.

Ergonomic design and easy measurement

7、Calibration Certificate

Each PS2010 spectrocolorimeter has been verified and tested. After leaving the factory, each instrument is verified according to the measurement standards of authoritative verification departments, and the measurement data are traceable to the National Metro technical Institute to ensure the authority of the instrument test data.


8、Color management software

SQCX quality management software with PS2010 spectrocolorimeter is suitable for quality monitoring and color data management in various industries. Data the user's color management, compare color differences, generate test reports, provide multiple color space measurement data, and customize the customer's color management.

Color management software


Technical Specification


Model PS2010 spectrocolorimeter
Optical Geometry D/8(diffused illumination, 8-degree viewing angle), SCI/SCE (specular component included/specular component excluded) Mode, Comply to CIE No.15,GB/T 3978,GB 2893,GB/T 18833,ISO7724-1,ASTM E1164,DIN5033 Teil7
Characteristic Adopt CMOS dual beam splitting sensor; Used for color difference quality control in plastic electronics, paint and ink, textile and garment printing and dyeing, printing, ceramics and other industries.
Light Source Combined full spectrum LED light source
Integrating Sphere Size Φ40mm
Sensor CMOS dual beam splitting sensor
Wavelength Range 400-700nm
Measuring Aperture Single aperture:Φ8mm/Φ10mm (flat)
Specular Component SCI/SCE
Color Space CIE LAB,XYZ,Yxy,LCh,CIE LUV,s-RGB,HunterLab,βxy,DIN Lab99
Color Difference Formula ΔE*ab,ΔE*uv,ΔE*94,ΔE*cmc(2:1),ΔE*cmc(1:1),ΔE*00, DINΔE99,ΔE(Hunter)
Other Colorimetric Index Spectral reflectance, WI(ASTM E313,CIE/ISO,AATCC,Hunter), YI(ASTM D1925,ASTM 313),Metamerism Index Mt,Staining Fastness, Color Fastness,Color Strength, Opacity,555 tone classification, Munsell(C/2)(Partially realize through the PC software /APP software)
Observer Angle 2°/10°
Illuminant D65,A,C,D50,D55,D75,F1,F2(CWF),F3,F4,F5,F6,F7(DLF),F8,F9,F10(TPL5),F11(TL84),F12(TL83/U30),U35,NBF,ID50,ID65(Partially realize through the PC software /APP software)
Display Spectrogram/Values, Samples Chromaticity Values, Color Difference Values/Graph, PASS/FAIL Result, Color Simulation, Color Offset
Measuring Time Abou1s
Repeatability Chromaticity value: MAV/SCI, within ΔE*ab 0.04 (After preheating and correction,the average value of the whiteboard was measured for 30 times at an interval of 5s);Spectral reflectance: MAV/SCI, Standard deviation within 0.1% (400nm to 700nm: within 0.2%)
Inter-instrument Error MAV/SCI, Within ΔE*ab 0.4
(Average for 12 BCRA Series II color tiles)
Displayed Accuracy 0.01
Measured Reflectance Range 0-200%
Reflectance Resolution 0.01%
Measurement Mode Single Measurement, Average Measurement(2-99times)
Locating Method Stabilizer position
White Calibration mode Contact type automatic calibration
Dimension 94X68X188mm
Weight About 270g
Battery Lithium battery,3.7V,5000mAh,8000 cycles in 8 hours
Illuminant Life Span More than 1.2 million measurements over 10 years
Screen 2.8 inch TFT true color, Capacitive Touch Screen
Interface USB
Data Storage Standard 500Pcs, Sample 5000Pcs(One data is able to include SCI/SCE); PC mass storage
Software support Windows
Language Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese
Operating Environment 0~40℃, 0~85%RH (no condensing),Altitude < 2000m
Storage Environment -20~50℃, 0~85%RH (no condensing)
Standard Accessory Power Adapter, USB Cable, User Guide, SQCX PC Software(Download from office website), White and Black Calibration Cavity, Protective Cover, Wrist strap, Aperture
Optional Accessory USB Micro Printer, Powder Test Box
Notes Technical parameters are only for reference, subject to the actual sale of the product