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Professional Cheap ISO 12233 Digital still-camera resolution chart 2000 lines

The ISO Camera Resolution Chart conforms to the ISO-12233:2000 standard, "Photography-Electronic still picture cameras - Resolution measurements". Hyperbolic wedges for resolution evaluation range from 100 - 2000 lines per picture height.

  • weight:50.000 g(g)
  • Item:NQ-10-100A
  • Brand:3nh
  • Measuring unit :pc
  • Price: ¥120

Professional Cheap ISO 12233 Digital still-camera resolution chart 2000 lines

3nh provides one-stop service on enhanced ISO 12233 resolution test chart (0.5x, 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x), test light source and test software.

Brand: 3nh

iso 12233 test chart


Resolution test chart is the standard proof which can provide aided testing for vertical resolution and horizontal resolution of actual shooting.

Resolution test uses ISO 12233 resolution test chart and adopts unified shooting angle and environment.
The calculation of resolution test uses HYRes software, and the calculation will be done in two parts: vertical resolution and horizontal resolution.

Digital camera assessment is different from other products. It’s unlike laptop and DIY which have a lot of software to test objective data and everything can be seen from the data. However, assessing the quality of digital camera not only needs certain objective data, but also needs to combine actual operation and the shooting proofs. Therefore, our assessment is based on the principle of objective data and combined rational analysis from the experienced reviewers to obtain the most objective assessment results.

ISO 12233 resolution test chart is in accordance with ISO 12233 standard “Photography- Electronic Photographic Image-Measurement”. In active area of 1x size, the error is only 0.1mm when measuring the height of 20cm. It has almost all the characteristics of most resolution charts.
 The following is a complete product line:

 Regular Standard Specification
0.5X (10x17.8 cm), semimatt (normative contrast), image on photographic paper  
Product No: NQ-10-50A
1X (20x35.6 cm), semimatt (normative contrast), image on photographic paper   
Product No: NQ-10-100A
2X (40x71.1 cm), semimatt (normative contrast), image on photographic paper
Product No: NQ-10-200A
4X (80x142.2 cm), semimatt (normative contrast), image on photographic paper
Product No: NQ-10-400A
8X (160x284.4 cm), semimatt (normative contrast), image on photographic paper
Product No: NQ-10-800A
0.5X (10x17.8 cm), semimatt (normative contrast), image on photographic paper 
Product No: NE-10-50A
1X (20x35.6 cm), semimatt (normative contrast), image on photographic paper 
Product No: NE-10-100A
2X (40x71.1 cm), semimatt (normative contrast), image on photographic paper
Product No: NE-10-200A
4X (80x142.2 cm), semimatt (normative contrast), image on photographic paper
Product No: NE-10-400A
8X (160x284.4 cm), semimatt (normative contrast), image on photographic paper
Product No: NE-10-800A


0.75X (15x36 cm), semimatt  (normative contrast),  image on photographic paper

1.5X (30x72 cm), semimatt  (normative contrast), image on photographic paper  

3X (60x144 cm), semimatt  (normative contrast), image on photographic paper  

4X (80x192 cm), semiglossy  (normative contrast), image on photographic paper  

0.5X (10x17,8 cm), matt (low contrast), image on photographic paper 

1X (20x35,6 cm), matt (low contrast), image on photographic paper

2X (40x71,1 cm), matt (low contrast), image on photographic paper

4X (80x142,2 cm), matt (low contras), image on photographic paper
 High Glossy (For Transmissive)

0.1X (2x3,56 cm), high glossy (high contrast), image on opaque film  

0.5X (10x17,8 cm), high glossy (high contrast), image on opaque film  

1X (20x35,6 cm), high glossy (high contrast), image on opaque film
 Glossy & Semiglossy (For Transmissive )

0.5X (10x17,8 cm), glossy (normative contrast), image on photographic paper  

1X (20x35,6 cm), glossy (normative contrast), image on photographic paper

2X (40x71,1 cm), glossy (normative contrast), image on photographic paper

4X (80x142,2 cm), glossy (normative contrast), image on photographic paper  

Matt Test Chart / Reflective: Matt Test Chart is often used in reflective light box (3nh Reflective Light Box) 
Glossy Test Chart / Transmissive: Glossy Test Chart is often used in transmissive light box (3nh Transmissive Light Box)
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Please Note

This chart does not conform to the updated ISO 12233:2014 standard. We recommend thePhotographic ISO 12233:2014 E-SFR chart for testing that does not specifically require the old chart.