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Color Test Meter HP-200 / Portable color difference meter

Precise color reader, HP-200 is mainly applied to plastic, painting, design, plating, costume, printing and dyeing industries. It can do the Color ananlysis and Color controlling.

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  • Brand:Made in China
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Color Test Meter HP-200 / Portable color difference meter

Brand: HP

Made in China


Name:Precise color reader(HP-200)

Class:Portable color difference meter


Use:The instrument is mainly applied to plastic, painting, design, plating, costume...


In 1931, the CIE (Commission Internationale De L'Eclairage) set up a series of visible spectrum color space standards. The Basic CIE color space standards is CIE_XYZ. lt is built on standard visual observers on the basis of ability to see, and it reflects the standard scope of color by eye. Based on CIE_XYZ there are CIE_XvY, CIE_Lab, CIE Lch standard color space, etc.

At present, the CIE Lab color space is the most commonly used in the industry. In ClE Lab color space, L value stands for color brightness and a value stands for the Green-on-red value, and b value stands for the blue—on—yellow color value. If determine a value of color by only a group Lab, it will be not practical. However,we can determine the differences among them by comparing two groups of Lab values.

Product features

1, The 2.4"Width Colorful screen and portable design make you feel comfortable.

2, 3 kinds of light sources for your selection, SCI and SCE mode switch and metamerism analysis meet your test needs in different working status.

3, Tolerance setting, humanizational auto—judge color difference values and color deviation make you judge the color easily even you don't have any professional knowledge in color.

4, Professional color analysis software makes you do the color data analysis and color difference diagrammatic outputting.

5, The optical mini printer fulfil the output of data.

Color test and quality managed software
Software features

The interface is concise and entire. Fit for coloranalysis and Color difference data output.Including:

1, Standard values data bank

2, Single and repetitious test mode

3, Color simulation

4, CoIor space diagrammatic Sheet

5, Color difference curve and color test report

Technical standards


Standard accessories


Optical accessory

Print and output directly  SP 58A