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Solid Guide Set contains Formula Guides coated & uncoated, Premium Metallic Guide and Pastels & Neons Guide.

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Pantone code: GP1302

Made in U.S.A.

Solid Guide Set contains Formula Guides Coated & Uncoated, Premium Metallic Guide and Pastels & Neons Guide

The PANTONE formula guide has been an essential tool for graphic designers, pre-press professionals and printers for four decades. As today's converging workflows are making colour management more challenging than ever, we have responded by replacing the Pantone Matching System® with the new PLUS SERIES which enhances the tools available. The new PLUS SERIES retains all the classic colours of the Pantone Matching System® while building on its success with exciting new colours and features.

The Pantone PLUS Formula Guide provides a consistent method for selecting and matching solid PANTONE Colours, the set also includes Premium Metallic Guide and Pastel & Neon Guide , both containing new colours.

Its simple design provides a convenient and portable colour reference library that can accompany you at client presentations or on press runs. The guide contains a full range of 1,341 colours including 224 new solid colours, with corresponding ink mixing formulas in parts and percentages.

Formula Guide includes an RGB icon indicating colours achievable on-screen. Colours that bear both the RGB and CMYK icons are ideal choices for designs that will span cross-media.

Colours are chromatically arranged for ease of selection.


  • 1,341 solid PANTONE Colours, including 224 new colours.
  • 154 Pastels and 56 new Neon colours.
  • 300 new, non-leafing, high luster metallics.
  • Chromatically arranged for more intuitive colour selection.
  • Formulated with the same 14 base inks as the Pantone Matching System.
  • Easy-to-use fan format, includes an index.
  • Ink mixing formulas in parts and percentages.
  • Each colour identified with a distinct PANTONE Number or name.
  • New colour numbers begin at 7548, old Matching System colours retain the same number.
  • Icons are shown beneath each colour that can be satisfactorily reproduced in CMYK and/or RGB.
  • Printed on text weight, FSC-certified paper stock.
  • All guides now include a ColorChecker Lighting Indicator to determine if lighting conditions are suitable for colour evaluation.


  • Eliminates guesswork in colour selection and verification.
  • Broad range of chromatic and neutral colours thoroughly cover colour space.
  • Convenient, portable size.
  • Fan format makes it easy to locate desired colours.
  • Easy to communicate colours by distinct number or name.
  • Shows the effect of coated and uncoated stocks on each colour.
  • New colours printed with uniform ink film thicknesses for easy matching on press.
  • System supported by worldwide network of PANTONE Licensed Printing Ink Manufacturers.
  • Text weight paper stock gives closer matching to today's printed work.

The Pantone Solid Guide Set, Code GP1302, is a four -guide set containing 1,341 PANTONE Colours on coated and uncoated stocks.