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PANTONE GoeGuide Coated, Uncoated SET / GSPS005

GSPS005 preview how paper stock will affect a color's appearance select and specify Goe Colors on coated or uncoated stock create optimal display of Goe Colors on monitors and Web pages.

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PANTONE GoeGuide Coated, Uncoated SET / GSPS005


Pantone code: GSPS005

Made in U.S.A.

The new 2,058 solid PANTONE Goe™ Colours are now available as a two-guide set on coated and uncoated stock. Code GSPS005.

Together, these invaluable guides help you to:

  • Preview how paper stock will affect a colour’s appearance.
  • Select and specify Goe Colours on coated or uncoated stock.
  • Create optimal display of Goe Colours on monitors and Web pages

For colour selection within Adobe® Creative Suite® programs, package includes download access to the PANTONE Goe uncoated digital library.

This set comprises of Pantone Reference numbers GSGS001 and GSGS002.


  • Wide gamut of 2,058 solid colours printed on coated and uncoated stock.
  • Pantone published sRGB and HTML values.
  • Ink mixing formulas.
  • Chromatically arranged colour families.
  • Ten Mixing Bases used to create Goe Colours.
  • Colours printed with uniform ink film thicknesses.
  • Intuitive naming system.
  • Consecutive numbered pages.
  • Fan guide format.


  • Expanded range of solid colours choices.
  • Easy to locate desired colours by chromatic arrangement or number.
  • Colour data provided enables recreation onpress, onscreen or the Web.
  • Inks are easily controlled onpress for matching colour.
  • Convenient travel size and format.
  • Paper choice reflective of the premium grade paper most commonly specified.