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530 SpectroDensitometer

530 Makes easy work of most any print measurement function. It offers spectral, colorimetric and densitometric data, all from a single, rugged instrument.

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  • Brand:X-Rite
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530 SpectroDensitometer

Brand: X-Rite

Made in U.S.A.


The 530 offers full spectral data, colorimetry or densitometry, all from a single, rugged instrument.

Product Features:

  • With optional microspot, this hand-held measures color targets as narrow as 1.6mm while most spectrophotometers measure a 4.0mm spot size r
  • Provides precise color and paper analysis on a large graphic display r
  • Has all 500-Series functions, including density, dot area, trap, print contrast, hue error grayness, color, match, paper functions and compare r
  • Connects with X-RiteColor Master software (optional) to keep record of color measurements or generate accurate formulas for special ink colors r
  • Security features lock preferences including the enabled features, color and density references, and calibration procedure


Measurement Geometry

per ANSI, DIN & ISO Standards

Spot Size at Sample

3.4mm (.13in) standard
2.0mm (.078in) optional
6.0mm (.236in) optional
1.6mmH (.063 in.) x 3.2mmW
Micro-Spot (.125 in.)

Light Source

Gas Pressure @ 2856??/div>r

Spectral Range

400nm to 700nm

Illuminant Types

A, C, D50, D55, D65, D75, F2, F7, F11, F12

Standard Observers

Response Types

T, E, I, A, G, Tx, Ax, Ex, Hi-Fi

Measurement Range

0.00D–2.5D; 0–160%R

Measurement Time

Approx. 1.4 seconds single measurement
Approx. .9 seconds for consecutive measurements in Speed Read mode

Warm Up Time



??.005D 0.00–2.00D*
??.010D 2.00–2.50D*
*Polarized Yellow ??.010D 0.00
–1.80D 0.10 ?? Max
Micro-Spot ??.010D 0.0–1.8D


The Next Generation Of Color Control For Your Press Room, Ink Lab or Testing Lab:

The 530s high-performance spectral engine provides the most precise color measurement technology available today. By combining the capabilities of a high-end densitometer, precise colorimeter, and a powerful spectrophotometer, the versatile 530 Spectrodensitometer is a color tool that works at everystep in the production process.

Color Control Where You Need It:

Get ahold of the powerful X-Rite 530 and you can take command of color anywhere you go. The wide range of color measurement features and rugged, portable design combine to make this new device the best in its class. Use it at press side to measure a variety of common density functionsor take advantage of our EFS or News modes to speed your measurement of color control elements. In materials testing, switch to the 530s color functions and verify that special colors and paper values are still in line with customer or shop requirements. View the data, or look at simple graphs that can be viewed directly on the instrument display. In the ink room, use the powerful spectral data along with your ink mixing system to test, formulate or correct ink formulas quickly and accurately.

Simple Color Comparison:

For more-than-four-color printing jobs or those with multiple special colors, use our simple color compare function. Found only in X-Rite instruments, it can save you time when evaluating color differences, making you more productive.

Just identify your ideal color references using the density, color or paper functions of the 530. Unlike ordinary color measurement devices, the 530 stores the unique spectral identity of up to 24 individual reference colors.Then, during the production run, simply measure any color, in any order, and the 530 smartly shows you the comparative color or density difference, so you can make color-critical decisions and take cost-saving action.

Match Colors Quickly:

If you need to match colors against a database of your own references or industry guides such as PANTONE, the match feature will show you the closest match and the color difference of the closest 16 colors.Over 1400 references may be stored in the instrument at one time. Optional ColorMail Express software allows you to manage the databases via a PC-compatible computer.