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How to use a component measuring special material's color?


How to use a component to measuring some special material like liquid,pasty,particles,powder?

As we all know, we can use a color measuring machine like colorimeter or spectrophotometer to test the products' appearance color and color difference. It is helpful for laboratory and industry.

But for some specail material like liquid,pasty,particles,powder ect, we can not just use the machine test it directly, since the colorimeter and spectrophotometer are precise machine,so we need put those kinds of material into a box then test it. That is to say, a universal test component is necessary when we test special material.

Here are the operating instruction of Universal Test Component,please check the detail as follow. 

Application: used to test liquid reagent, paste (such as ketchup and coating), powder (such as coffee), etc.

I. Component Structure

The structure of universal test components is shown in Figure 1.  

Base; Baffle; (31)Baffle Pin Square Integrator; (31) Measuring Port of the Square Integrator Cuvette; Cover Plate; Rotating Plate; Push Plate; Screw.

II. Usage

The usage of universal test components is shown in Figure 2 & Figure 3

i. This component need connected with YS spectrophotometer and please remember do the white and black calibration first.

ii. Place YS spectrophotometer according to Figure 2. The measuring port of the machine is butted up against that of square integrator, as shown in Figure 2. The Baffle Pin must alligned with the base grommet of the machine. Then, use push plate to hold the machine and tighten the screw. Check whether the machine is loose or not. If it is loose, please re-tighten the screw.

iii. Put the sample inside the (41)Cuvertte. Then push the Rotating Plate lightly to put (41)Cuvette into the Square Integrator. Please keep the instrument test aperture closed to the one side of the Cuvette. At the some time,the other side is tightly fixed by Rotating Plate.

Remark: The samples volume should more than the testing apertures attitude(It means, the volume for the sample should equal to more than half a cup)  

iiii. Put the Cover Plate on the top, ensure the inside of the Cuvertte is completely dark.

After finishing the above steps, you can start the measurement.


Figure 2 The Matching Between Machine and Universal Test Components


Figure 3 The Local Matching Between Machine and Universal Test Components

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