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 Global large Color Assessment Cabinets manufacturer

Specializing in Color Assessment Cabinets, Shenzhen TILO Technology Co., Ltd imports standard fittings from Canada and provides customers with high-quality products of latest technology. TILO began to import, develop and produce CAC products earlier in 1998, which makes TILO 6 years earlier than home counterparts. Today, TILO has got a large market of over 10000 customers at home and abroad, and has earned a good reputation because of our high-quality products and best service. TILO products are particularly recommended and appointed to industrial application by international quality-inspection institutions.

As a global large manufacturer of Color Assessment Cabinets, TILO has a good production capability that can meet customer's big orders.

TILO has many outstanding features as below:

  • Original foreign-imported fittings with high performance.
  • The first company in China who adopts imported F light.
  • Various Color Assessment Cabinets are available for user's choice.
  • Cabinets of special specifications can be done as user's requirement.
  • Spot transaction.
  • Patent technology.
  • 17% Value - added tax invoice.


Preparing member of China industrial norm drafting committee

TILO cooperates well with China industrial norm institution. The first industrial sample machine was designed and produced by TILO.

Sole manufacturer of high-quality industrial electronic ballast

The ballast is very important for the lamp and the normal use of the Color Assessment Cabinet. T12 lamp and T8 lamp are commonly used in the color assessment cabinets, this kind of lamp often switches frequently and needs a high-quality ballast to make it work well. For that reason, those common civil-use ballasts are not competent for the application of industrial equipments.
As we all know, the price of a standard lamp for CAC application is more expensive than that of a ballast, and some bad-quality ballasts may damage the lamp. So, if the ballast is damaged, the Color Assessment Cabinet will fail to function. That is really unreasonable and will waste more cost.

TAYOLE® ballasts are the ideal high-quality industrial ballasts with Canada technology. We specially designed parameter-suited ballasts for T12 and T8 lamps. TAYOLE® industrial ballast has main features as below:
- Full protection.
- Auto voltage & light stabilization.
- Adjustable brightness.

TAYOLE® industrial ballasts ensure your lamp work well in a long lifetime with good conditions, thus your color assessment cabinets almost need no repair! This is really great for customer's benefit indeed!

Professional power supply designer

As a global larger CAC manufacturer, TILO has an excellent team which began to study and develop intelligent power-supply products earlier since 2000. Our "quick charger series" design was widely adopted by many big companies and OEM corporations.

We provide our customers with competitive products in most advanced technology. Thus our customer can always take the preemptive opportunities to achieve more success on business!

"Fast, Flexible, Efficient and High-quality" are our everlasting tenets.

Authorized Level-one Dealer of Oxford Instruments Coating Measurement

TILO is the authorized level-one dealer of Oxford Instruments Coating Measurement.

General agent of X-Rite CA22 spectrophotometers in Guangdong, China

TILO is the general agent of X-Rite CA22 spectrophotometers in Guangdongprovince of China.

Primary direct distributor in Asia-Pacific area of the World Color Card Centre

TILO is the direct agent of PANTONE color card, and is also the direct distributor (in Asia-Pacific area) of Germany RAL color card and Japan DIC color card. TILO covers a big sale network in China.