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Solving problems in specialist areas

As specialists, we can advise you on the best and most cost-effective ways to manage colour assessment.

We can also solve specific problems. With 10 years of experience to draw on, we have yet to meet a problem we can’t deal with. In fact, many of our most successful products arose from a solution to a specific problem. 

Typical industry problems to which ColorController has the solutions include:

Colour assessment

Lighting conditions vary from one place and time to another – so how do you ensure that colour judgments made across continents and perhaps months apart will be consistent?

When assessing colourfastness and staining, how do you ensure that samples are viewed in a way that meets agreed industry standards?

Surface imperfections

How do you assess the crease recovery properties of non-iron garments?

How do you detect and grade garment pilling?

How do you detect and measure surface abrasions on materials as varied as coins, plastics or paper?

Liquid assessment

How do you ensure that the colour and appearance of drinks such as tea, wine and whisky will meet customer expectations?

How do you demonstrate that a liquid medicine is particle free, as demanded by international standards?


How do you proof prints and transparencies without interference from specular reflection?

Wallpaper manufacturing

If you need a colour assessment cabinet wide enough to accommodate three widths of wallpaper held vertically, who will produce one for you?

Textile imaging

If you need a source of even illumination for photographing textile samples, who devises and produces the perfect solution?

If you have a problem or requirement that you don’t see here – simply ask us and we’ll respond promptly with dependable, impartial advice.

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